About Agnes “Lu” Kimble

Republican Candidate for Superior Court Clerk
25+ years of experience

Agnes “Lu” Kimble was born and raised in Paulding County.  She is a graduate of Paulding County High School and she attended Jacksonville State University. She is a wife, proud mother of two and lifelong resident of Paulding County. 

Lu knows what it takes to run an efficient, user-friendly Clerk’s Office.  Lu currently serves in the Paulding County District Attorney’s Office as a legal assistant to Sr. Assistant District Attorney.  Lu was chosen by the recently retired Clerk of Superior Court to serve in the Civil Division and later in both the Lien Division as the only Lien Clerk while assisting in the Real Estate Division.  Lu also, served at the Georgia State Ethics Commission, as the only State of Georgia, Compliance Officer.  Lu’s legal experience began in the neighboring Cobb County Government at the Cobb County State Court Services, State Court Clerk Office and Cobb County Magistrate. In addition, she served in the Cobb County Human Resource Department.

Agnes “Lu” Kimble presents herself as the most qualified candidate for the Superior Court Clerk.


Lu's Mission

It will be Lu’s mission to enhance technology. Providing the tools to empower the staff to deliver extraordinary customer services will be priority.  Under her leadership she will develop operating procedures to exceed the needs of the citizens and the legal community.  Train and develop the staff to become great leaders, focusing on serving all patrons exceptionally well.

Implement policies and procedures to meet the growing needs of Paulding County.

Agnes “Lu” Kimble will simplify YOUR experience with the Clerk’s Office.